Meet the Team

Meet the key players in delivering the programming from the field — mushers as well as some of the other superstars.

For more detail on our mushers Joar, Mikhail and Timofei, navigate to their pages where you will also meet the ultimate superstars of Team Racing Beringia: the sled dogs that pull us all down the trail across Beringia!

Know that the team is so much more than the faces here: sponsors and organizations that support us, the team members in the trenches out there handling tasks for the team on a need-to basis, friends and family, and not least our learners and educators around the world who make the magic happen in the classroom — Team Racing Beringia involves everyone that makes the Racing Beringia programming happen on the trail and in the classroom!

(picture) Happy dogs at the Racing Beringia kennel in Willow, Alaska

the mushers of

Team Racing Beringia

February 21, 1987 -- Mo i Rana NORWAY | see more >>

Joar Leifseth Ulsom

Senior Musher

November 26, 1963 -- Yanrakkynot, Chukotka RUSSIA| see more >>

Mikhail (Misha) Telpin

Senior Musher

October 4, 1994 -- Lorino, Chukotka RUSSIA| see more >>

Timofei Gynuntegin

Junior Musher

August 11, 1954 -- Kotzebue, Alaska USA

Chuck Schaeffer

Guest Musher (2014)

September 3, 1977 -- Skagway, Alaska USA

Miriam Osredkar

Guest Musher (2014)

April 5, 1982 -- Mainz GERMANY

Yvonne Dåbakk

Guest Musher (2014)

July 1, 1963 -- Neshkan, Chukotka RUSSIA

Nikolai Ettyne

Guest Musher (2012)




Heads up our organization. Mille Porsild supports team members in the field while she facilitates the education programming, delivering updates and media. She is in charge of logistics and planning.



Handles day-to-day kennel tasks. Cole Larsen sees to carpentry, repairs, maintenance and is the head-meat-cutter instrumental in race preparation. He is the musher for the Polar Husky expedition team.




Facilitates Russian – English communication. Elizabeth Shea is a topic expert on matters of Beringia. She supports in organization of programming and delivery of race updates from the field.

Marc & Pedro


Pilots, explorers, navigators, and plane mechanics, Pedro Garzia and Mark Millian with PA-18 Supercub and Cessna 185, make up the Racing Beringia Airforce–enabling our delivery of Iditarod updates.

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