So who is with Joar out there on the trail, now on their way to Kalskag!?

There are twelve K300 Superstars on the team of Joar & Co in this race. Sivo, Britt, Jesus, Hunter… most all of the core of Joar’s team have stayed behind and are back home in the kennel. This will be a big test, chance, opportunity, for the rest of Joar’s crew to step up to the plate, and shine!

Three of the dogs on the team are veterans that have raced in K300 before. Leah and Willy were with Joar in both 2013 and 2014. Kjell was here in 2014. All three of them finished the K300 race(s) they started.

Missy and Ambler are on the team. They have already shined lots as the finished with Joar in the last Iditarod coming across Nome finish line in 2015. Then they were 2 years old. Now 3 years old and with a whole lot more experience Joar believe they are ready for this challenge — with no “elders” to support them! These two superstars are sisters. Their sister, Zippie, and their three big brothers are here as well: Jompa, Whitehorse and Davai.

The wise-guy on the team is no doubt Aleks. Joar hopes this is his year to not have any unfortunate things happen and Aleks just having some great racing ahead of him.

Prikk and Sakke are two dogs owned by Joar’s good friend Geir Idar Hjelvik back in Norway. They are “on loan” for the season. Geir himself is actually here in Alaska as well, to race the 2016 Iditarod with a team of dogs for Iditarod Champion Dallas Seavey!

AleksAleks — 5 Years. Son of Sivo. The go-to-leader for a solid steady 8-9 mile an hour pace no-matter-what. Aleks leads the team out of Bethel in this K300 race; as Joar is looking to set out “slow and steady” despite conditions.


Missy – 3 years old. Brainy, dedicated and driven Missy was in lead most the way to Nome in the 2015 Iditarod.

KjellKjell — 5 years old. A really hard worker, Kjell has spent many a mile back in wheel running with Jesus, but this year he is now one of Joar’s go-to-leaders. Kiell leads the team out of Bethel in this K300 race.


Leah — 6 years old. Tough, honest and fast: that is Leah girl. With two finishes in two Kuskokwim starts, Joar is not leaving Leah behind for this “third time.”


Jompa — 3 years old. Effortlessly floating across the trail is what it looks like when Jompa is on the move. Hopefully this will be Jompa’s first race to the finish line with Joar.


Ambler — 3 years old. DRIVE-DRIVE-DRIVE, this dog has drive…and appetite! Last season was Ambler’s first racing, and she was amazing; coming across the finish line on Joar’s team in the 2015 Iditarod. She has only performed even better so far this season


Whitehorse — 3 years old. Big bold and a bit wild, that’s Whitehorse for you. A huge sweetheart this guy is a hard worker who is only even more enthusiastic about: eating. Yes, Whitehorse has a mohawk.. or a “mane,” from top of his head down his neck, just like a horse.


Davai — 3 years old. He is affectionate, happy, bouncy, honest and hard working — a big guy that Joar has big expectations of.


Willy – 6 years old. Really the only dog in this crew who can really be a picky eater and that is really always his only down-fall. When he keeps up his intake, he is great! Willy was on Joar’s finishing team in the 2015 Iditarod last year.


Zippie — 3 years old. EATS EATS EATS, this dog can and will eat. Zippie is a fun dog, a bit of a punk (like her brother Whitehorse, she has a “mohawk” as well. Zippie is in a good mood until she is tired. On or off. But always ready to eat… A very important strength in this race in particular. Racing hard on very little rest, dogs get tired enough that they might want to slack on eating–and that’s a down-ward spiral.


Prikk — 3 years old. A lean running machine, Prikk is extremely affectionate and a hard worker. Her appetite is not always the best, but maybe its changing…she has been gulping up everything lately.


Sakke — 7 years old. Sakke could quite easily go for being the youngest dog in this team. This is just a super-happy-dude! Hard worker, good eater, happy!