March 2015

Spot on Timofei – Man of Beringia!

27 Spot on Timofei – Man of Beringia!
We are back from Nome with Joar & Co happy to be out of the spotlight again. But, today it is Timofei who has to deal with cameras microphones and lots of questions about his racing this...

Signing off from Nome

23 Signing off from Nome
When the dog teams cross the finish line under the burled arch here in Nome, the amazing Alaskan Huskies that set their paws more than one million times pulling the sleds between Nenana and here are...

Traditional Celebration!

21 Traditional Celebration!
Chuck traveled with Team Racing Beringia as part of our team last spring going to Chukotka (Russia) on the other side of the Bering Strait to take part in the 2014 Nadezhda Hope sled dog race....

On the Coast (Drama)

20 On the Coast (Drama)
The winds were whipping in Unalakleet. A large community siting on the coastline of the Bering Sea on the southern end of the Bering Strait, this place is actually notorious for its winds that come...

Gallery: Finish line in Nome!!

19 Gallery: Finish line in Nome!!
Incredibly another top-10 to Team Racing Beringia!! Joar & Co finish 6th place running to the burled arch in Nome in 8 days 9 days 5 hours 21 minutes 1 sec. It is Missy, Britt, Sivo, Willy, Kosak,...

Gallery : Unalakleet Impressions

16 Gallery : Unalakleet Impressions
Despite the wind whipping from East, Joar & Co run the 85 miles between Kaltag and Unalakleet in a fantastic time, less than 11 hours pulling in 8th team....

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